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Ancol Camouflage Harnesses

Ancol Camouflage Harnesses

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The camouflage dog harness provides greater support if needed when your dog pulls on a lead.


If your dog pulls slightly when out walking, a camouflage harness offers more support for your dog than a collar.  The harness will support the chest, shoulders and neck instead of just the neck in the case of a traditional dog collar.

This can reduce rubbing that some dogs can experience.


When fitting for the first time, undo the nylon clips, place the harness on the floor. It does not matter which way round the harness faces, there is no front or back.

Encourage your dog to stand with both feet in both loops of the harness.  Simply draw the harness up to your dogs chest and clip the nylon clips together.

Then adjust the harness for a comfortable fit using the 4 nylon side adjusters.


The harness should be a close fit without causing any undue stress or irritation.  Fit the dog lead to the D rings and that's it.

Your harness can be simply un-clipped for removal or refitting without needs for further adjustment.


Please see our size guide to determine the correct harness for your dog.

Small - sizes 1-2 (to fit chest up to 12 1/2")

Medium - sizes 3-5 (to fit chest up to 19")

Large - sizes 6-8 (to fit chest up to 27")

XL - sizes 8-9 (to fit chest up to 36")

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